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The Early Childhood Council Logan, Phillips, Sedgwick (ECCLPS)

Every. Child. Can. Learn. Play. Succeed


ECCLPS' mission is a collaborative system that promotes and values high quality early care and education opportunities for children birth to five and their families in Logan, Phillips, and Sedgwick Counties. 


ECCLPS is an early childhood system where families are valued and children are healthy and thriving, that recognizes and supports the availability and accessibility of quality early childhood services by


  • Increasing public awareness of early childhood issues and needs that promote a public will for high quality early childhood opportunities

  • Promoting and sustaining a highly qualified workforce of professional development of early childhood professionals

  • Collaborating with the efforts of local agencies to provide services to young children and their families

  • Strength and support community based services for the overall health and wellness for young children

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Upcoming Events:
Provider Training -
01/22/18 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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